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Megafill MH is an universal light curing Microhybrid Composite for restorations in the anterior- and posterior tooth area.

- Class I -V

- Well suited for the classic filling therapy and layer technique in filling structures.

- Polishable to a high gloss and offers a highly aesthetic restoration.

- Fillers contain fine dental glass particles and highly dispersible silicone oxides, which are specifically treated and cover the surface with a hydrophobic layer.

- Surface highly resistant and protected from residue deposits and discolorations. Megafill MH is X-ray-opaque and has a fluorescent effect like the natural tooth structure

- Chameleon effect and natural opalescence.

- Enamel and Dentine Shades.

- Available in syringes, compules and flowable

Megafill MH Minifills A4 Enamel 20 x 0.2g

SKU: 275
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